Safari 3 Beta for Windows

Sudah coba Safari 3 Beta Windows version? Safari ini sebelumnya hanya bisa digunakan di lingkungan MacOS. Sebagai orang yang belum diberi kesempatan untuk memiliki Mac, mencoba salah satu program yang berjalan di atasnya menjadi hal yang menarik.Safari 3beta windows

Instalasi Safari di Windows berjalan normal. Browsing juga tidak ada masalah. Sampai waktunya saya ingin memberikan komentar di salah satu blog dan harus mengisi nama. Safari crash ketika saya mengetik huruf pertama di input text, begitu juga ketika saya mencoba mem-paste nama saya ke input text.

Beberapa percobaan mengisi input text juga membuat crash Safari. Hanya mengisi input text di Google Analytics yang tidak membuat Safari crash. Iya, ini masih versi Beta.

Mudah-mudahan layout yang dihasilkan oleh browser Safari untuk Windows ini persis sama dengan Safari untuk Mac, sehingga web designer yang bekerja di lingkungan Windows menjadi lebih mudah untuk melihat apakah layout yang dibuat tampil dengan baik atau tidak di Safari versi Mac tanpa harus memiliki Mac.

Tidak hanya sekedar menambah jumlah browser yang harus dipergunakan pada saat test tampilan web yang baru dibuat – yang berarti menambah kerjaan.

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Rahasia Windows

Mungkin ada yang sudah pernah mendengar beberapa hal aneh dalam Microsoft [Windows]. Saya sudah mencoba sendiri dan ternyata benar.

Aneh 1
Anda tidak akan bisa membuat folder dengan nama CON di mana saja. Silahkan dicoba jika tidak percaya.

Aneh 2
Bagi anda pengguna sistem operasi Windows, coba lakukan langkah berikut:

  1. Buka Notepad
  2. Tulis “Bush hid the facts” (tanpa tanda kutip)
  3. Simpan dimana saja
  4. Close dan buka lagi.

Anda akan melihat text yang tersimpan tadi menjadi karakter aneh. Silahkan dicoba

Aneh 3

Dikatakan bahwa ini ditemukan oleh orang Brasil, silahkan dicoba sendiri.

Buka Microsoft Word dan ketik

=rand (100, 99)

Kemudian tekan ENTER
Lihat hasilnya ;)

Ada yang mengatakan bahwa keanehan hal-hal tersebut tidak ada yang bisa menjelaskan. Ternyata jawabannya sudah saya temukan. Anda tahu jawabannya ?

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Ujian Proyek Akhir


Huh,  ternyata begini ya susahnya ngerjakantugas akhir, terutama bagi yang kuliah di jurusan Teknik. klo aq di jurusan teknik Elektronika, pens-its. D4 lagi,

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Tugas Akhir q

Oh tuhan, Alhamdulillah,

sudah saatnya hamba mu ini turun gunung sebentar lagi, hampir 4 tahun aq bertapa, sekarang sedang mempersiapkan dan menyelesaikan tugas terakhir

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Make TV for free

35 Ways To Watch Television Without Cable Or Satellite.

Posted by david | June 23, 2008

At my house, basic digital cable TV cost over $69 per month (plus taxes) and we watch maybe 10 of the 150 channels that they provide to us, meaning that we pay for many channels that we have no interest in. While the price of just about everything headed skyward, paid cable and satellite TV is sometimes one of the first things to go from someone’s budget – there are a lot of people who have taken the big step of getting rid of paid TV in their house and reverting back to antennas or no TV at all. There are even several personal finance bloggers who have talked about this, such as Frugal Dad and Moolanomy. Since we are considering such a move in our new home, I was curious just how many ways there are that provide the ability to watch your favorite shows free-of-charge one way or another, and boy are there a lot! While I cannot vouch for the legality or the quality of all of these websites, here are 35 different ways you can still catch your favorite shows and web videos without paying for cable or satellite TV. Where possible, I have taken a blurb from each site’s “About” page to give you a little more info about them.

1. The good old fashioned antenna. Of course, this all depends on what kind of signal you can get inside your house. We couldn’t even get snow to show up on the TV, and since our new house is made of 18 inch thick adobe, I am not sure an antenna will work there either. Antennas mounted on roofs tend to be a lot better at pulling in those free signals, but remember that come 2009 you will need a special digital converter box, as the analog signals will no longer be broadcast.

2. The network websites. ABC, NBC, CBS, etc – you name it, they are probably streaming most of their shows on their sites the day after they air on TV.

3. TIOTI – A social media aggregator for television – what does that mean? We use the web to put together all sorts of information about TV shows, and let you the audience edit and add to that. We let you see what’s hot, what other people like and where you can get it from.

4. Free TV Online – Our goal is to provide users with a highly interactive and engaging video finding and viewing experience. We believe that the emerging worldwide interest in online video and web 2.0 communities, coupled with the changing nature of traditional video and TV viewing habits, requires fresh ideas.

5. PeekVid

6. BeelineTV – Watch free online TV channels from around the world. Beeline TV provides a selection of the best broadband internet television channels.

7. BigFileTV

8. OV Guide – Founded in 2006, is the Internet’s most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to online video, including TV shows, movies, user-generated content and video games. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the privately-held company delivers an innovative, user-friendly way to search and browse relevant, high-quality video sites on the Web.

9. Choose and Watch – ChooseAndWatch is a free multimedia portal where you can watch hundreds of online TV channels, check out the newest videos on the internet… No special software, hardware or subscription service is needed.

10. YouTube – I think you know this one already!

11. Democracy/Miro – There’s an opportunity to build a new, open mass medium of online television. We’re developing the Miro internet TV platform so that watching internet video channels will be as easy as watching TV and broadcasting a channel will be open to everyone. Unlike traditional TV, everyone will have a voice.

12. PCTV – The largest collection of FREE Online PC TV, movies, music, sports and games links on the Internet.

13. TV Web 360 – TVWeb360 provides a large collection of free Internet TV channels. Watch free TV Stations from around the world on your computer. Channel categories include News, Business, Entertainment, Music, Movies, Sports, Lifestyle, Educational, Shopping, Cartoons, Weather, Government, Religion and General TV.
The web site offers over 1000 free Web TV channels.

14. Joost – TV’s a fantastic thing, and we’re on a mission to make it even better. We’re combining the best things about television – great shows, great picture quality, something that everyone knows how to use – with the incredible power of the internet to bring people together and deliver entertainment on demand.

15. Daily Motion – Dailymotion is about finding new ways to see, share and engage your world through the power of online video. You can find – or upload – videos about your interests and hobbies, eyewitness accounts of recent news and distant places, and everything else from the strange to the spectacular.

16. TV Nation

17. TV Video – is an online cost-free video service site for all fans around the world who are interested in TV shows

18. AOL Video

19. QuickSilverScreen

20. My Easy TV – is the easiest way to watch TV online for free. There are more than 3000 television channels you can watch with a simple click of your mouse.

21. TV Lizer – TVLIZER.COM is a video online website that indexes online video streams on the Internet. TVLIZER.COM is based on a portuguese website called TVTUGA (, this is its english international version.

22. WWITV – Your Portal to watch live and on demand online TeleVision broadcasts.

23. Channel Chooser

24. TevoOtv – On this website, you will find movie, news, sports, music channels. They are sorted by their respective country, and are easy to access and view using the top navigation menu. Watching online tv on TevooTv is free, there is no monthly fee and no registration required.

25. Find Internet TV – Watching Internet TV just got easier! Now you can save the sites you like to watch. Join now to start adding sites to My Internet TV or login if you are already registered.


27. Streamick – Thousands of users use every day to connect to the major internet broadcasters and watch free live internet TV in the easier way possible.

28. Crafty TV

29. Jump TV

30. Flick Peek – You can watch free movies online, tv shows online, cartoons and anime free.

31. Mevio – As the premier social media community, Mevio is the only network providing single-click access to the best in new media in audio, video, podcasts, and music to be delivered to your computer, iPod, mobile device, or television.

32. Your Global TV – 8500++ channels online collected since 1980 and updated daily.

33. wfitv

34. Any TV – Using anyTV means you can watch numerous of international TVs without a television, TV Tuner Card or a satellite receiver. Watch anywhere you have your internet Online. No additional equipment is required.

35. Fancast – Because we’re as into entertainment as you are, we have created one all-inclusive escape that combines everything you want to know about TV, movies, and celebrities. More than just the latest entertainment buzz, Fancast is also your number one place to find what to watch, where to watch it, and when it’s available.

So if you have gotten rid of cable or satellite, where do you watch TV? Do you have any additions for this list to share with other readers (or myself, if we go the no-TV route!)? Let me know in the comments!

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Alhamdulillah, ini posting pertama,

Sekarang sedang sibuk2nya ngerjakan tugas akhir, kan pas semester 8,

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Hello world!

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